National Legal Professional Associates (NLPA) was founded under the belief that with a "team approach" there is a far greater chance for success. NLPA is a legal research & consulting firm which operates nationally. We assist in all areas of criminal cases from pretrial to post-conviction. NLPA also has a network of attorneys licensed both federally and in every state. Therefore, if you need to be referred to counsel, we can assist in referring you to new counsel. If you or a loved one is in need of legal assistance, NLPA is here to help.

Considering the endless resources available to the government, it leaves a defendant with little hope in believing he can successfully fight (and win) his case. However, this is exactly where NLPA's assistance began. Since its founding in 1986, NLPA has assisted in thousands of cases involving a variety of charges both at the state and federal levels.

As part of a defendant's sentencing the Probation Department will begin an interview process with you to create what is known as a Pre-sentence Investigation Report (PSI). This report will outline virtually everything concerning the defendant and the charges he/she has been convicted of. This report includes criminal history, work history, family history, attitude, etc. Each section of this report carries point values that are then used to calculate defendant's guideline range on the sentencing guideline table. This report is used by the government to determine what length of sentence they feel the defendant should receive.

It is important to understand to understand that a defendant has options in correcting information in his/her PSI report that they feel may be inaccurate or erroneous. Once a PSI Report is completed and received a defendant and counsel typically review the information addressed in the report to determine what objections they wish to file. Any items that they feel are inaccurate in this report are compiled into what is known as the "objections". These objections can be filed by counsel with the courts and the Probation Office to request that they correct this false information. This includes the promise of departures made by the government that may not be reflected in the report. Just because objections are filed it does not automatically mean that those specified corrections will be made. However, this is why the arguments are usually also then presented to the court in order that the sentencing judge will have access to that information and be able to depart as he/she sees fit.

Many times defendants falsely believe that whatever the PSI Report recommends is what they are going to receive and "that's it". This could not be farther from the truth however. NLPA prides itself on the track record it has obtained in this very area for more than the past twenty years. Although in some cases there may even be "mandatory minimums" listed in the PSI Report, there also still may be arguments available to get around even those! Do not be fooled!

So, how can NLPA assist in getting the lowest possible sentence? To address the different types of needs of defendants, we have two different levels of assistance: the first is a Preliminary Sentencing Assistance (PSA) services, and the second is our Full Sentencing Assistance (FSA). Both are described below.


Subscribe to this program and receive critical information that could potentially save you years in prison and help in your communications with your attorney.

This level of service is designed to assist a defendant and his family in obtaining information that otherwise may not readily be available to them concerning ways to keep the sentence at the lowest possible level, downward departures and alternative sentencing programs. Many times, defendants and their families have a difficult time in understanding what is happening to them. Unfortunately, they often find that their attorney is too busy to keep clear communication lines with them. The defendants sometimes simply do not know what has been filed and when court hearings are scheduled. This type of frustrating experience can be avoided by subscribing to the PSA Service. By subscribing to NLPA's Preliminary Sentencing Assistance Program (PSA), you would receive information concerning critical topics such as:


* We will provide information concerning the status of the case as reflected by the court records and, if available, the docket sheet. This will include any sentencing memoranda or objections to the PSI Repot that may have been filed by counsel. This will assist in communications with counsel.

* We can assist in referring the defendant to experts who can provide testimony concerning critical sentencing issues. We also can assist in referring to investigators who can help obtain information that may be needed to correct any inaccurate information in the Pre-Sentence Investigation Report.

* We can assist in securing information about prior convictions that may be used against the defendant at sentencing to raise his/her sentencing guideline range.

* We can assist in referring the defendant to experts who could testify or provide information to the court concerning appropriate sentencing issues or mitigating factors that may need to be brought to the court's attention.

* We can assist in providing information concerning alternative sentencing programs for which the defendant may qualify and which may help to decrease the sentence received.

* We will provide general information that will be extremely helpful in understanding the criminal process and how the case will be handled by counsel and the court.

* We will assist in providing information about the various facilities and programs offered by those facilities to ensure that if there is any time that has to be served in the prison system, that the defendant can request designation to a facility that suits him/her best or is located closest to their family.

Once hired for the Preliminary Sentencing Assistance (PSA), if counsel is willing to have NLPA's assistance in preparing the documentation to be filed with the court for the sentencing, once NLPA has a bona fide confirmation from counsel that he/she is willing to receive our assistance, we will be able to then provide the Full Sentencing Assistance (FSA) service discussed below.


As we have explained, the Preliminary Sentencing Assistance (PSA) information, should counsel be willing to have our lawyers assist him/her in the actual research as well as work with him on the strategy to pursue in the defense, NLPA is happy to provide this additional service. Should counsel be willing to have our lawyers work with him/her in the defense, NLPA would be happy to work with counsel in assisting him/her with preparing for the sentencing of your case. In this situation, it is critical to have a defense team that understands and appreciates not only the court system, but the prison and probation systems as well. In the event NLPA provides this stage of assistance in a case, we would assist in providing many services in addition to all of those outlined in the PSA service. Though some may not be applicable to every defendant, the types of services we generally can provide are:


* Preparing any proffer agreements that may be needed should the defendant decide you want to provide cooperative assistance in your case to the government.

* Assist counsel in efforts to obtain release on bond pending sentencing.

* NLPA will assist counsel in reviewing the plea agreement and suggesting any changes in it to make the arrangement better for the defendant and to insure that the defendant receives what he/she is bargaining for at the time of sentencing.

* Assist counsel in the research and preparation of objections to the Pre-sentence Investigation Report (PSI). This is an extremely critical area of the case. The Rules of Criminal Procedure lay out the specific requirements that must be followed procedurally by counsel if the defendant controverts statements contained in the Pre-sentence Investigation Report which may be relied upon by the court in imposing sentence.

* Preparation of a detailed sentencing memorandum which counsel can file with the court to address any and all downward departure issues and alternative sentencing programs that may be available. Regardless of whether or not the defendant pleads guilty or is convicted at trial, this is an extremely critical document, in that it will contain a significant amount of information upon which the court will rely in determining what sentence is appropriate.


NLPA also prides itself for being a more open-minded business and realizing that money simply does not grow on trees. We also understand that money should not stand in the way of justice. For this reason we also offer a number of convenient financing options and can even help refer you to lenders to apply for legal financing of your defense!

NLPA's mission is to enhance the defense team. It is important for you to understand that although NLPA is operated and managed by licensed attorneys, NLPA is not a law firm and cannot represent a defendant in court, NLPA cannot directly provide legal advice to non-attorneys, nor can NLPA offer its research services directly to non-attorneys. NLPA's team of research attorneys and paralegals provide cutting edge research and consulting assistance direct to your attorney to help give your attorney the tools he or she needs to help successfully represent you. In order to assist your attorney, Bar Association Regulations require that your attorney expressly authorize NLPA's research assistance before NLPA may provide case specific research and analysis of your case. If you are in need of attorney representation, we are happy to refer you to experienced criminal defense attorneys who often work with NLPA and offer significantly reduced fees.

The bottom line is that affordable help for your sticky situation is much more easily obtained than you think. You do not have to fight the immense powers of the government on your own. NLPA is here to help! For more information about NLPA, our track record in helping with federal cases, the various financing options or, to have information mailed to you and your loved one about our assistance, please click here.